Nursing Home Stays for Seniors

Some seniors find themselves in need of more care than they can receive at home, but not enough to warrant a hospital stay. When this happens, it may be time to consider moving into a nursing home.

Nursing homes are similar to hospitals. They have staff available who can administer more medical services than workers in the average assisted living community. Many also provide access to speech and occupational therapy.

This senior living option is typically meant for people who have a chronic condition or lack mobility. They need more support but are not in immediate need of hospitalization.

Red Mountain’s nursing home is designed to provide excellent care in a comfortable setting. Residents receive support for activities of daily living like dining, grooming, and moving.

Our team serves home-cooked meals that are flavorful and healthy. We also address social needs with a community setting that encourages interaction. Meeting people and staying active is good for the mind and body.

If your loved one has a progressive disease, experienced a recent health event, or is struggling to keep up in their current accommodations, we can help. Contact Red Mountain Assisted Living now to discuss our nursing home services.

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